Maude Schellhous, CCHT, CBT

Maude Schellhous founded Sacramento Hypnotherapy following completion of training as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCHT) in 1995. She then achieved her Certificate of Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in 1999, and has since helped thousands of people reach their goals and often achieve what they did not think was possible.

It is Maude’s belief that discovering inner wisdom holds a path to many different areas of our subconscious where we can unlock blockages that can hold us back mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. She continues to grow as a Hypnotherapist, and is most proud when her clients achieve their goals. As Sacramento Hypnotherapy has continued to grow Maude has added mentor ship and training hypnotherapists into her practice by request.

“I am SO excited for the opportunity to teach this class! I had the amazing fortune to learn and receive mentorship from an incredible teacher, Jim DiGirolamo, who inspired me and gave me the tools to help others as well as myself to become empowered in their lives. One of my greatest joys is teaching others, and I believe my passion for this work shines through whenever I have the opportunity.” -Maude