sacramento hypnotherapy school

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Course

300 Hour Certification Program

Course Fee: $3795

Training Intensives
Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (9am – 6pm)
Next Class begins February 27, 2015.
A total of six days of training with Maude Schellhous leading the class. Held in Sacramento, California

Course Work Training
Online course work includes a mixture of videos, audio, reading, homework, exams, and interaction. Expect 6 hours a week online, 1 hour on the phone)

Internship or Externship
Utilize techniques in an Internship, working under the supervision of Maude Schellhous, or in an Externship program.
Additional supervised training is provided.

Hypnotherapy Training from CASOH is your opportunity to join Maude Schellhous and a committed group of people who are ready to begin a new career to better themselves as well as the lives of others. This course is a powerful training that will prepare those who want to be a hypnotherapist as a lifelong career.

California School of Hypnotherapy’s training is an exclusive opportunity for those who understand that a hypnotherapist’s deepest responsibility – and eventual reward – is having the wisdom to transform the minds of clients seeking their services.

Students will graduate with the full knowledge of how to skillfully weave hypnotherapy techniques into a session and provide the tools to clients to deepen the work that is done after hypnosis.

CASOH prides itself on teaching many aspects of business, which we feel many schools don’t even discuss. It is just as important for you to have the knowledge how to obtain clients in order to help them.

This is a wonderful alternative to a Hypnotherapy Training Online class. In this environment you will still have the opportunity to work online, in an independent environment, while also having the structure of a formal classroom setting on two different 3-day weekends.

Hypnotherapy Training Online

“I am SO excited for the opportunity to teach this class! I had the amazing fortune to learn and receive mentorship from an incredible teacher, Jim DiGirolamo, who inspired me and gave me the tools to help others as well as myself to become empowered in their lives. One of my greatest joys is teaching others, and I believe my passion for this work shines through whenever I have the opportunity.”

-Maude Schellhous, CCHT

Hypnotherapy Training Online Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Course