Hypnotherapy Training

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Level 1 is now in session. Level 2 will begin in March, 2021.

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Hypnotherapy Training SacramentoThese hypnotherapy training courses are programs for learning inductions, techniques, and principles of hypnotherapy, and are now open for enrollment at California School of Hypnotherapy.

This program is designed to provide you with a holistic, comprehensive understanding of the techniques, principles, and professional skills required to run a successful hypnotherapy practice, and/or for self improvement and bettering the lives of others.

These courses will be taught in an integrated format, combining on-site, online, and in office and/or internship/externship technique utilization. This class is very hands on, and will teach you a multitude of techniques to honor and empower the people that you work with.

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Hypnotherapy Training

Hypnotherapy Training by California School Of Hypnotherpy

CASOH’s training is an exclusive opportunity for those who understand that a hypnotherapist’s deepest responsibility – and eventual reward – is having the wisdom to transform the minds of clients seeking their services.

Students will graduate with the full knowledge of how to skillfully weave hypnotherapy techniques into a session and provide the tools to clients to deepen the work that is done after hypnosis.

California School of Hypnotherapy prides itself on teaching many aspects of business, which we feel many schools don’t even discuss. It is just as important for you to have the knowledge how to obtain clients in order to help them.