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Angela Barrus, HypnotherapistAngela Barrus, Hypnotherapist

Angela Barrus, Hypnotherapist

“Maude Schellhous is gifted with wisdom, expertise and incredible insight that thousands and thousands of clinical hours have provided. She has the ability to share profound and life changing teachings in a way that is simple and inspiring. She has a unique gift for this powerful and gentle work and she practices what she preaches. Both the formal in class instruction and personal coaching that Maude has provided have been invaluable to me in creating a thriving business. I feel truly blessed to have a successful career that offers both hope and results in a relatively short period of time. Since the beginning of my business clients have sought my services for a wide variety of goals from out growing anxiety, sleep issues, addiction to peak performance, improving relationships, career advancement etc. I value every minute of Maude’s matchless mentoring that helped me effectively serve my clients since the beginning of my career.”

Angela Barrus